Sky Development Projects

Sky Development has made a special niche for itself in what is a very competitive market in Florida. Toledano’s eye for the future enables him to take old abandoned buildings and complexes and completely transform them into first-class, luxurious commercial and residential centers. The company’s focus on deluxe interiors and attractive exteriors produces homes that give it a special advantage over other builders In the market. A look at Sky Development’s holdings shows new and rehab commercial and residential projects, office parks, retail centers, hotels and of course, multiple-use projects that combine home, work and shopping all in one eye-catching spot. Toledano is especially fond of these mixed-use projects because they help him to reach his goal of providing his customers with the best in residential living.

Villagio on the Lakes is one of the better known properties of Sky Development. This is a condominium community consisting of 223 units located in Port Orange, Florida. You would be surprised to learn that it is a community of private homes. Here residents live as if they were on vacation, enjoying all the amenities of a five-star resort.

Across from the Hallandale beaches, is Seaside Retirement Resort. This is an assisted living residential complex with 115 beds, but you would never know it. It is staffed by professional medical personnel and residents live as if they were on vacation, with beautiful interiors, swimming pools, gourmet dining and a spa. An added attraction of these properties is how close they are to the beaches and other vacation spots.

No longer just in Florida, Sky Development developed a beautiful 504-unit condominium complex in the city of Las Vegas. Perla Lechi, known throughout the world for her interior designs, has helped create an elegant and fun community where the residents can splash in the pools, sit by waterfalls, enjoy the large clubhouse, exercise and end their day with a relaxing session in the full-service spa.